For Puppies up to 20 weeks

 Each and every tutor training Puppy School techniques has been hand picked and personally trained by internationally renowned trainer, behaviourist and founder of Puppy School, Gwen Bailey. Gwen has written many best-selling books on dog behaviour, lectures worldwide and is a long standing member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)

 Puppy School Tutor Sandie has been training and working with dogs since 1996.  She has trained a variety of breeds including German Shepherd, Husky/GSD cross, Rottie/GSD cross, Spaniels, a Sproker and a Westie.

She has trained them in obedience, tracking and searching and her Westie, Mollie, as a Pets as Therapy Dog.

Sandie loves walking with her dogs and recently took Mollie back to her "roots" on a walking holiday in Scotland.

Sandie says "inheriting a dog with major issues was the reason she became involved with Puppy School, had he had proper socialisation with people, dogs and environmental stimuli I'm sure he would not have "suffered" the trauma he did as he got older.

Dogs can be the best friends in the world especially when "educated" properly. 

Puppy School is all about educating dogs and owners and the result is a happy, socialised family pet that the whole family can enjoy."

Sandie and her husband Bill now have a Miniature Schnauzer x Poodle so is going through puppyhood again.  Libertie is now 20 weeks old and just completed her Puppy School Course and Bumble is a former pupil of Puppy School Kidderminster and is now 2 years old and is undertaking the Puppy University Course in Tewksbury


 I would now like to introduce my new Assistant, Bill.  He has completed his Puppy School Tutors course and is now a fully qualified and may take lessons in my absence.          Mobile No:  07592 588230